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Academic writing

Good writing skills are crucial to get articles published and to secure research funding. There is help to get through faculty-wide courses, Writing labs via CEE and more.

Writing lab

The LU PhD Writing Lab is an open writing community for doctoral students (and other academic writers) at Lund University where you can participate in regular guided writing sessions and learn how to build effective, sustainable writing habits.

In LU PhD Writing Lab, our writing sessions are based on Rowena Murray's model of serial or snack writing, and also agree with Åsa Burman's idea of ​​working in units. Rather than writing in binge sessions - usually leading up to a deadline of some sort, this way of thinking about writing includes shorter writing sessions that you do regularly. Ideally, you can find a good balance between regular short writing sessions and more extensive periods of intense writing, as these different types of writing have different advantages.

In the self-enrolment course in Canvas you find information about how the sessions work and when they are scheduled. You can also use the course as a hub to connect with other PhD students around LU, or for launching a writing group among your immediate colleagues.

Self-enrolment course LU Phd Writing Lab (Canvas)

Academic Writing for Publication in the Engineering and Science Disciplines

The aim of the course is to offer participants an opportunity to improve their communicative strategies and academic writing skills to meet disciplinary demands. An explicit aim is to increase the participants’ awareness of the prevailing publication conventions in their specific field of study, with a primary focus on research articles.

Information and registration is found on CEE's website.

Faculty-wide PhD courses (CEE's website)

Courses through Lund University

This workshop is designed to provide you with new “coping”-strategies applicable to academic work. It will give you the tools to finish your thesis on time and feel good along the way. The content of the workshop is designed very hands-on and applicable directly in your current (and future) working situation.

In academia, we focus on what/the content of our work, but sometimes we forget to pay attention to our own work process, or how we work, think, and act. However, the process is crucial for finishing research projects (your thesis!) and managing stress levels. Furthermore, as individuals, we often have one main strategy, a certain way of thinking and acting, to deal with a variety of situations. Our main strategy works fine most of the time, but we do need a greater variety of strategies.

Information on the workshop Finish on time (Course catalogue, Lund University)

Have you ever experienced the irrational fear of being exposed as an intellectual bluff when presenting your written work? Do you ever wonder how you will get enough time and energy to finish that huge and important writing project? Are you struggling with perfectionism and procrastination, resulting in writer’s block? Or perhaps lacking a sense of flow in your work?

Many of us experience academic writing sometimes as rewarding and sometimes as stressful and frustrating. There are proven strategies and tools to shift from writer’s block to writers’s flow. During this full-day workshop you will get access to a toolbox which helps you to both build sustainable writing habits and manage common psychological obstacles to academic writing, such as perfectionism and procrastination. You will also learn how to achieve a sense of flow in your writing process.


This workshop builds on the “Finish on Time Workshop: Academic Productivity and Stress Management – The Road to Effectiveness”, and will focus explicitly on academic writing and common psychological aspects surrounding it.


The aim of the workshop is to convey tangible tools and techniques to build good and sustainable writing habits and to manage common psychological obstacles associated with academic writing.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a proven toolbox to manage your academic work more happily and productively, and an increased sense of continuous flow in your writing.

Information and registration for the workshop Academic writing (Course catalogue, Lund University)

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