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Booking and registration of the public defence is done in several steps where some steps are done by the doctoral student and others by the supervisor.

Book the publice defence

You book the time and date for your public defence in LTH's public defence system. To be able to book, you must be registered in Ladok.

The public defence may take place between August 15 until Friday the week before Midsummer's Eve, with the exception of the period between December 22 and January 6.


  1. Go to and log in with your Lucat id (leave out You will be redirected to a page where your information is filled in.
  2. Choose an available date and period for the defence.
  3. Fill in the information about your supervisor and assistant supervisors.
  4. Click "Book and mail".
  5. A confirmation-email is sent to you, your supervisor and the departmental secretary.

Change/delete booking

To change the date or delete your booking, click on the edit button (pen symbol) which is located on the far right of the errand. Changes are possible until the registration has started.

Public defence system - Manual

This manual describes how to book, register and how to implement a preliminary review of the public defence.

Public defence system - Manual (PDF, 594 kB, new tab)

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