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Double degree

A double degree collaboration means that the doctoral student conducts their doctoral education at two higher education institutions in parallel. The doctoral student is admitted to a third cycle programme at each higher education institution, has a supervisor at each higher education institution and spends time to a certain extent at each higher education institution. When the education is completed, the doctoral student receives a degree certificate from each higher education institution, i.e. two separate certificates. The certificates / diploma supplements must state that the education has been conducted as a collaboration between the higher education institutions.


In order for a double degree collaboration to be carried out, an agreement must be drawn up between the higher education institutions. For doctoral education, agreements are normally drawn up on an individual basis, i.e. for an individual doctoral student. The regulations at both higher education institutions must be met in order for the collaboration to be implemented and lead to a degree. It is therefore important that it is investigated in connection with the preparation of the agreement that both national and local rules can be applied and work together. It needs to be investigated, for example, whether the rules regarding public defence are compatible so that the thesis can be examined at both higher education institutions in a joint public defence, or whether two separate public defences need to be carried out.

Agreement template

At LU, there is a template for double degree-agreements that can be used. The agreement is prepared by the department/main supervisor at LTH together with the other higher education institution. The coordinator for doctoral education at LTH's office supports the signing of the agreement and forwards the agreement to the Dean of LTH for signing. If a template other than the LU template is used, the legal department also needs to review the agreement.

The template is found under Template agreements och the page Agreements on LU's Staff pages.

Agreements (Staff pages LU)

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Double degree and international opportunities

Double degree collaborations are most often carried out with foreign universities. Read more under international opportunities.

International opportunities

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