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Credit transfer

You have the opportunity to transfer credits from former education or professional experience within your doctoral studies. There is no special form at the LTH office for applying for credit in third cycle studies, contact your department if you want to apply for a credit transfer.

Examination of credit transfer may only take place at the doctoral student's own request, i.e. after you submit a credit transfer application. This means that when being admitted to third cycle studies, it can not not be a requirement that credits from previous education must be made, nor must it be seen as a merit in the selection of applicants. Examination of credit transfer must be based on an individual assessment in each individual case.

The head of department decides on the crediting of courses that may be included in the education at doctoral level. This decision-making right may only be delegated to the director of studies for third cycle studies at the department, but not to someone who is also your supervisor.

A credit transfer obtained before admission to the doctoral level, for example from a basic degree (master's / master's degree), shortens the doctoral education in the corresponding period. It is not possible to credit education that has constituted an eligibility requirement for admission, which means that credit for previous education requires that you have read more than 240 credits, of which 60 credits at advanced level.

The courses that are to be included in your doctoral education must be stated in the individual study plan. This also applies to decisions on credits of previous education. Credit for previous education must also be documented in Ladok.

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