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Printing and distribution

At LTH, the thesis must be on paper and be printed no later than the day of spikning, i.e. no later than three weeks and three working days before the day of the public defence. The thesis must be printed in at least 50 copies and it needs to be distributed according to special regulations.

Reproduction and distribution

The department is responsible for the costs of printing. The following applies to the reproduction and distribution of the thesis:

  • the number of copies of the thesis must be at least 50,
  • the doctoral student must be entitled to at least 40 copies,
  • the university library must receive 3 copies (for lending, viewing, archive and handed out on request)
  • LTH's office must receive 1 copy (see "notification"),
  • there must be a sufficient number of copies available at the public defence to enable a satisfactory review.

The copies that are to be submitted to the University Library and the LTH Office are included in the steps that must be done in connection with the spikning.


Printing services are now procured, which means that you must choose a printing company that has an agreement with Lund University.

Information about which printing companies the university has an agreement with (Staff pages LU)

ISBN number

You can get the ISBN number via the University Library by sending an email to It is important that you first check with your department before ordering an ISBN.

Get an ISBN for your thesis (University Library website)

ISSN number

ISSN numbers indicate whether the thesis is part of a series of publications. At LTH, there is no joint faculty series for theses. You can check with your department / division library if the theses at your department have their own series and in that case which ISSN number your thesis should have.


There's a course in "To format and deliver a print ready thesis as PDF". Facilitated by Mediatryck.

Course: "to format and deliver a print ready thesis", Competence portal, LU

Thesis templates and support through Mediatryck

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