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Graduate schools

Graduate schools gather third cycle studies in several subjects within a common framework. These subjects can extend over several faculties and several higher education institutions. You as a doctoral student can participate in a graduate school at LTH. Admission to a graduate school is not separate from the usual admission, but is channeled through a third cycle studies subject. You as a doctoral student in a graduate school participate in the doctoral program on the conditions specified in your individual study plan and in the general study plan for your doctoral subject. Contact your department for more information.

Below are links to the some of the schools' respective websites:

Agenda 2030 Graduate School

The Graduate School Agenda 2030 is a university-wide, global graduate school and collaborative platform on topics related to societal challenges, sustainability and Agenda 2030.

Agenda 2030 Graduate School website

Graduate schools at other faculties

Graduate schools (in Swedish) (Lund University's website)

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