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Departmental duties

The departmental duties may comprise a maximum of 20 percent of your full-time work. In the event of partial leave, the own education must comprise at least 50 per cent before departmental duties may be relevant.

Departmental duties includes work with education, research, artistic research and administration. Participation in such pedagogical education that is not included in the education but works for the teaching that you are to conduct is also included.

Introduction to teaching and learning in higher education

To teach at the undergraduate and advanced level, you must have completed the course "Introduction to teaching and learning in higher education (5 credits).

LTH-wide courses

Departmental duties in your individual study plan

The individual studyplan (ISP) is important for the documentation of the planning and follow up of the departmental duties, both in terms of time (activity) and content. For each doctoral student and each half-year, the activity for both studies and departmental duties should be stated in relation to full-time work. This should be done both as planned activity and as the outcome of the actual activity. ISP should also include description and follow up of the content of the departmental duties and their relation to the doctoral education. 

Individual study plan

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