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Final review of the individual study plan

As of March 1, 2022, final review of the individual study plan, is introduced. The final review is only conducted at the end of an education resulting in a doctoral degree but not a licentiate degree.

The most recent version of your individual study plan and a statement from the department is uploaded in the public defence system, at the registration of the public defence. It is expected that the individual study plan is updated according to current regulations, however further updates are not required before uploading. The individual study plan does not need to be signed. It is sufficient to print out the latest locked version of the study plan, using the Print function in the ISP system, either directly as a PDF, or by scanning a paper version to PDF.

The documents will be used for an assessment of how well the doctoral student meet the degree outcomes according to the Higher Education Ordinance and the degree requirements according to the research subject curriculum, at the time of the public defence, considering remaining activities after the public defence.

The final review is conducted by the research programme director (forskarutbildningsledare) at LTH of the respective review group, but the final review is not a part of the public defence process. The research programme director will use the final review to create an image of the research education at LTH to establish a dialogue between Research Programmes Board (Forskarutbildningsnämnden) and representatives from the departments at LTH.

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