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LTH AEROSOLS seminar: Research on an Arctic expedition

polar bear on ice
From: 2023-10-04 11:15 to 12:00 Seminarium

Climate change is a global issue, but the warming is not homogeneously distributed. In the Arctic, the warming rate is about three times the global average and extensive loss of multiyear ice has already taken place.

Lovisa Nilsson, PhD student at the Division of Combustion Physics, will give a presentation about her work on “Ambient air and cloud residual sampling in the SU container onboard I/B Oden during ARTofMELT 2023”.

“In May-June 2023 the ARTofMELT (Atmospheric rivers and the onset of sea ice melt) icebreaker expedition took place with the aim to study the processes involved in the transition from the wintertime freeze-up to the summertime melt-season. As a part of the Aerosols and clouds in-situ work package, the Lund Single particle soot photometer (SP2) was installed in the Stockholm University (SU) mobile lab container to complement the measurements of ambient and cloud residual aerosols. This talk will give an overview of the expedition, the aerosol-cloud work package activities and the SP2 refractory black carbon (rBC) data that was collected onboard.”

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Om händelsen
From: 2023-10-04 11:15 to 12:00

K404, Fysicum

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